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Our motivation and mission: We are all passionate about music and our goal is to remove all technical limitations in the enjoyment of reproduced music. We attack the biggest limitations first and move to the next. Presently, we focus our R&D on loudspeaker drivers as the by far biggest overall quality limiter and the audio power amplifier which until now has been the weakest link in the electronics chain.

Our methods and principles: We believe in the importance of deep understanding of the problems at hand before trying to solve them. We believe in the value of developing and verifying accurate mathematical models that allows fast virtual prototyping and ‘fail-fast-forward’. We build what we simulate and simulate what we build. We are fluent in analog and digital as well as all the domains of electromagnetics, mechanics and acoustics.

Our values: We believe that all that matters for the sound quality can be measured although we often have to develop new measurement methods that are indicative of the subjective sound quality. We direct all R&D efforts on such measurable metrics. If this does not agree with the listening results we improve our objective metrics.

Meet the Leadership Team:

recognized within the Audio Industry WW!

Bruno Putzeys, Co-Founder
Inventor of UcD (Philips), probably still the most widely used class-D amplifier for upmarket audio products. Inventor of Ncore (Hypex), which is generally considered the first class-D amplifier to successfully compete with class-A on audio performance. Developed high performance A/D and D/A converter designs for Grimm and Mola-Mola. Co-founder for Kii Audio. Holds 8 patents and multiple patent disclosures.

Lars Risbo, Co-Founder
Pioneered direct switching PCM-PWM audio amplifiers as founder of Toccata Technology, later acquired by Texas Instruments. Elected TI Fellow (2012) and Audio CTO (2013). Research interests include digital signal processing, system-level and signal chain optimization, oversampled data converters, transducers and mixed-signal architectures. Ph.D from DTU (1994). Holds >30 US granted patent families.

Carsten Tinggaard, Co-Owner (PURIFI Transducer Technology)
Founder and owner of PointSource Acoustics (2009). Previously Product Manager for Danish Sound Technology (2003) and CTO of Tymphany Denmark (2005) responsible for establishing R&D Denmark facility covering Peerless, Vifa and Scan-Speak brands. Spearheaded Peerless tech. transfer to China manufacturing facilities. Co-owner of PURIFI Transducer Technology (2017), a subsidiary of PURIFI.

Peter Lyngdorf, Co-Founder
Owner of Lyngdorf Family Holding, Hi Fi Klubben, DALI and Steinway Lyngdorf. The group has >1000 employees and multiple factories in Denmark and China. Former owner several audio companies including NAD Electronics and Snell Acoustics. Driver of Digital Room Compensation technology from Snell DSP 1000 (1993) through NAD, TacT Audio and now Lyngdorf RoomPerfect.

Claus Neesgaard, Co-Owner
Held R&D and Business/Product Line Management roles (Texas instruments) responsible for establishing and accelerating market leading position within Audio. Proven track record of defining and executing business strategies, managing sizable R&D/business teams world-wide and delivering strong results based on combined technical and business competencies. M.Sc.E from DTU (1998). Holds 6 US patents.

Kim Madsen, Applications Manager
Specialized in audio and power electronics. Held roles as Applications Manager, Product Definer and Lead Systems Engineer (Texas Instrument) most recently focused on TI’s Automotive Amplifier portfolio. Developed mil-spec power modules for the Ariane 5 Rocket (Alcatel) and several fighter aircrafts (Dynatech). M.Sc.EE (1991) from DTU. Holds 5 US patents and several patent disclosures.

Søren Poulsen, R&D
Held roles as Product Definer and Lead Systems Engineer (Texas Instruments) especially focused on performance- and reliability optimization of TI’s mid/high power Audio IC’s. Owned definition and architecture development of worlds highest-power, highest-performance Integrated Circuit (IC) Amplifier. Ph.D from DTU (2004). Holds 5 US patents and several publications.

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